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Integrated Electrical Hydraulic Steering Power Assembly——Apply to plug-in hybrid power bus and pure electric bus
Advantages: 1、Has double source power (24V/312V, 24V/600V) and single source power (312V, 600V), 4 schemes. Cover all new energy automotive system;2、Oil pump, motor, motor controller, and DCL are integrated, the system is highly integrated;
3、The double source system can convert the high voltage to low voltage DC/DC, the conversion system on the original bus will be not needed, reduce the cost of the original bus;4、The system operation power is just 400W, energy saving 75%;5、Compared with the conventional steering system, the power consumption of vehicle is reduced 3%-5%, better oil-saving effect;6、In the double source system, the motor can be powered by 24V battery while the high voltage fails, increase the safety of vehicle;7、The ingress protection grade can be IP67;8、The system provides the optimal assisted oil pressure automatically according to vehicle speed, makes the steering flexible.
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The double source steering system operating principle:
Energy storage module normal:储能模块正常.jpgEnergy storage module failure:储能模块失效.jpg